Restored Denon DP-47F, fully automatic record player, walnut, solid wood oiled

  • Operating voltage selectable for each country
  • Directly driven fully automatic
  • Solid case made of oiled walnut wood
  • MM cartridge: Ortofon Vinyl Master Alpha
  • Device feet: height-adjustable spikes
  • Basic dimensions: 43.5 cm x 40 cm x 17 cm
  • Including accessories: plate weight, audio cinch cable, power u. Ground cable
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dust cover 
device feet 
LED - control lighting 
revision type 
operating voltage 
1.870,00 €
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  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (Other countries)

Restored fully automatic Denon DP-47F in solid walnut oiled

Individual production! Please note a processing time of approx. 4 weeks!

Wood is a natural product. Please note that the grain is always different. After the purchase you will receive different versions from which you can choose your case. It is always walnut wood.

Technical data:
Microprocessor controlled direct drive fully automatic turntable
Quartz high performance component
Dynamic servo tracer
Stylus force Q-damp anti skate
Functions: start, stop, speed: 33 1/3 & 45, limit switch, repeate, up-lifter, locate
Drive: Servo controlled direct drive
RPM Deviation: <0.002%
Wow and flutter: < 0.010%warmth
Rumble to noise ratio: 78 db (DIN B)
Platter: Die-cast aluminum, 310 mm
Tonearm: eff. Length: 220 mm, design: straight, dynamically balanced
Needle overhang: 16mm adjustable
Adjustable tracking weight: 0 - 3 g
System carrier: PCL-40

Special equipment:
Microprocessor controlled contactless "Dynamic Servo Tracer"
Tonearm with Q damping
High speed consistency thanks to the quartz-controlled tachogenerator principle

basic dimensions:
Width: 43.5 cm, depth: 40 cm, height approx. 17 cm

Revision Type: Default
Circuit boards and contact points are cleaned, photoresistors are replaced. Adjustment / control of the setting for the starting point (30/17), limit switch, applied weight, function test and test run. VDE safety test.

Solid case made of walnut and oiled. Floor made of 16mm MDF. The connection panel for all required cable connections is located on the back. 4 height-adjustable stainless steel feet are mounted on the floor.

MM cartridge Ortofon Vinyl Master Alpha.
With the VM series, Ortofon has long created the reference MM pickup, the long production time and the characteristic stylus body are well known all over the world. The Vinyl Master Alpha (identical to VM White) is the entry into the series and is a super entry-level system for mid-range turntables.

Audio cable:
brand cable. Ready-made analog audio cinch cable for wiring turntables! Thanks to the particularly high-quality inner conductor made of oxygen-free copper (OFC), this quality cable ensures natural signal transmission. Contact security and protection against corrosion is guaranteed by the 24 carat gold-plated plug contacts. The cable has a neutral sound with good dynamics and spatiality.

Record weight made of stainless steel:
With a weight of 320g, it ensures that the record lies flat on the platter and runs smoothly. This record weight plays in the middle "weight class. It builds up just enough weight to dampen the vibrations of the record without stressing the bearing bushes. By using it you increase the sound performance of your system.


Upgrade pickup:

Ortofon, audio-technica

Device feet made of stainless steel:

Height adjustable. The contact surface to the substructure is reduced to a minimum by three embedded rubber buffers. Resonance and feedback are thus effectively prevented. Perfect surface, total weight 2520g, diameter 65mm, height without cushioning rubber 25mm, height with cushioning rubber 26mm

Hood and Hinges:

High-quality acrylic hood, wall thickness 4mm, material Plexiglas XT (cast and extruded), transparency absolutely colorless and clear, robustness unbreakable to impact-resistant, unrivaled weather and Resistant to aging with a 10-year material guarantee, high-quality surface and flatness, glossy. Original hinges in mint condition.

Full revision:

Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors (37 pieces) on main u. Motor circuit board by high quality from Panasonic. Boards and contact points cleaned, replacement of the photo resistors. Adjustment / control of the setting for the starting point (30/17), limit switch, applied weight, function test and test run. VDE safety test.