Restored Thorens TD 166 manual turntable frame with Fantasma veneer high gloss finish

  • Delivery worldwide
  • Operating voltage can be selected for each country
  • Different venners you can choose
  • belt drive
  • Pickup: Ortofon VinylMaster Alpha
  • Basic dimensions: 45cm x 36cm x 18cm
  • Accessories included: plate weight, audio RCA cable
Frame with venner 
Device feet 
Dust cover 
Operating voltage 
1.390,00 €
incl. 0% VAT , incl. shipping costs (10Kg)
  • Delivery time: 2 - 3 Workdays (Other countries)

Individual production! Please note a processing time of approx. 4 weeks!

Restored and technically revised Thorens TD 166

Various veneers with a high-gloss finish are available for the frame.



The housing consists of 25mm MDF side panels and a 16mm thick base of the same material. Coated with precious wood veneer, the surface consists of several layers of special varnish processed and polished with multiple intermediate sandings. The result is a high-gloss, high-quality surface with a depth effect. The connection plate for all required cable connections is installed on the back of the frame.


The spring elements were replaced with new ones.

Ortofon Vinyl Master Alpha pickup:

Very good beginner. Full-fledged pickup that harmonizes with many tonearms. Impresses with temperament and a neutral basic character.

Turntable (see facelift):

An elaborate high-gloss polish gives the record player its elegant appearance. Available with surface sealing using a special protective coating for a long-lasting shine or in a matt black finish for a long-lasting appearance.

Cover plate (see facelift):

The cover plate can be made new with a black anodized surface and white lettering or with brushed stainless steel and black lettering.

Audio cable:

Branded cable. Ready-made analog audio cinch cable for cabling turntables! Thanks to the particularly high-quality inner conductor made of oxygen-free copper (OFC), this quality cable ensures true-to-life signal transmission. Contact security and corrosion protection are guaranteed by the 24 carat gold-plated plug contacts. The cable has a neutral sound with good dynamics and spaciousness.


To ensure that the record player is decoupled from low-frequency vibrations, the chassis is equipped with height-adjustable spikes. Resonances and feedback are thus effectively prevented.

Drive belt:

This drive belt is manufactured according to the original Thorens specifications (same material and dimensions).

Record weight:

Newly made from demagnetized stainless steel. With a weight of 310g, it ensures that the record sits smoothly on the plate and runs smoothly. This record weight is in the middle weight class. It builds up just enough weight to dampen the vibrations of the record without putting any strain on the bearing bushes. The suspension of the Thorens sub-chassis has been readjusted accordingly. By using it, you increase the sound performance of your system.